I've been asked a few times exactly how the show is produced. The common question is, is this show a podcast? My answer; Hell no! The buzzword 'podcast' implies the use of an MP3 file associated with an I-Pod. Just as Kleenex has become the standard buzzword for facial tissue. Here at buzzcat.net, we refuse to use MP3 for many valid reasons. Neither of us owns an I-Pod. We hold nothing against anyone who regularly uses an I-Pod. Your future deafness or tinnitus is your problem. We just prefer our music to exceed in sound quality over convenience.

     The BZT Weekly is recorded live on the fly. On the front end I use two CD players. A Sony dual, and a TDK dual that our awesome rockin' ass groovy friend and occasional co-host Jessica tossed our way. Also, a VPI Aries Scout turntable with an Audio Techinica AT150MLX cartridge. That is run through a Rotel RQ-970 phono preamp. Occasionally, I'll use two turntables, usually for the Jazz shows. The other turntable is a Music Hall MMF-2.1 with an Audio Technica AT440MLa cartridge with a Parasound preamp.

     The microphones are; mine, Audio-Technica 4040. Jenny uses a Shure SM-57. The guest mics are an Audio-Technica ATR35s lapel mic which has surprisingly good sound, plus another low end Audio-Technica vocal mic. (Audio Technica rocks by the way)

     All of these are run into a Yamaha MG/10-2, 8 channel mixer. This is where everything is controlled. From there, the mixed stereo signal is run directly into a Roland VS2400CD 24-track digital audio workstation using 2 channels for the left and right signals. No front end compression or effects is used, except for the microphones to help control the dynamics of the human voice. The mics are processed with two seperate Studio Projects VTB1 Tube Preamps and a DBX 262 Compressor/Limiter.

     Once a CD is finished and finalized, it is ripped on the studio p.c. into an Ogg Vorbis file. When that's finished, I send it off to my webserver (Paul, at badgertech.net) via FTP.

     From there, the rest of the story is yours.