I'm an audio nerd who always wants to know how things I'm interested in tick. Perhaps, if you are also, this is how all the room noise makes it to your speakers.

BZT is recorded mostly live on the fly. On the front end I use two Sony CD players. Plus a have a couple others in storage as backups. Goodwill rocks. Also, a VPI Aries Scout turntable with an Audio Techinica AT150MLX cartridge. That is run through a Rotel RQ-970 phono preamp.

The microphone I proudly use is a Shure SM7B. This mic was at the majority of radio stations I worked at over 20 years and it was my favorite for my voice. I finally broke down and invested in one of my own.

All of these are run into a Yamaha MG/10-2, 8 channel mixer. This is where everything is controlled. From there, the mixed stereo signal is run directly into my Lenovo PC and recorded on Audacity. No front end compression or effects are used, except for the microphone to help control the dynamics of the human voice. The mic is processed with a Studio Projects VTB1 Tube Preamp and a vintage DBX 262 Compressor/Limiter.

Once the show is recorded and finalized it is exported/encoded into an Ogg Vorbis file onto a thumb drive. It's then uploaded to my dedicated server. Back then I taught myself to write HTML code and I've updated the website little by little over the years. If some of the side pages look 2003, that's because they are. Nosatalgia/laziness combo on my part.

From there, the rest of the story is yours.