---- Yes, this is the original html page from 2003 or so. Nostalgia, eh. ----

What you have here is an independent music show.
It's rock mixed with a little jazz, folk, punk, spoken word and other odds and ends.
Each show runs 79 minutes and 30 seconds.
It is intended to be listened to and enjoyed in it's entirety as a showcase of what
I consider the best music made in the past and the best that's being made today.
It's like old school free-form FM radio of the late 60's/early 70's
where we found the good stuff in between the fluff.
Yes, I am proudly Gen X and constantly in search mode for great music to share with you.
It is indeed free advertising/promotion for the independent musicians and bands within.
Obviously, broadcast radio isn't doing any of these folks any favors anymore.
If you dig it, go buy yourself a copy. I have and expect you to too.
We must support the artists we appreciate. It's the proper Human thing to do.

If you'd like me to consider featuring your band just ask.
studio at my web addy, with a link to where I can listen.

Music, it is another form of history. Bow to it.

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